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Cochrane Review plus George Eby's feedback See page 41.

Welcome to George Eby's!

After many successful years, we regretfully closed down business.

As of 11/26/15, we are completely sold out of zinc lozenges. Sorry.

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After extensive study over the last 30 years, George Eby became the world's leading authority on the only effective common cold treatment - zinc lozenges that release lots of ionic zinc (iZn). He pioneered the subject with his breakthrough 1984 common cold treatment research. Why "ionic zinc"? It is antirhinoviral as is shown in this report while bound (non-ionic) zinc is not. See George Eby's assessment of the amount of ionic zinc in about 40 different OTC zinc lozenge products, and their effect on colds in the table of this page.

The most recent medical journal article written by George Eby is this one, which shows that there are two sciences that are totally unknown to physicians that are critical for the proper design of effective zinc lozenges. It was submitted to JAMA, but was rejected, most likely because they had no idea of what was being described.

Look at the many news media articles in the left-hand column. You will see that zinc is acclaimed world-wide to shorten and benefit colds in the massive Cochrane Reviews article on zinc and common colds. That review is the most comprehensive one ever conducted on zinc and the common cold. See page 41 for George Eby's comments. Also, see the comments of Dr. Harri Hemilš, Department of Public Health, University of Helsinki here. In 2015 Dr. Harri Hemilš again showed that zinc acetate lozenges releasing large amounts of ionic zinc (>75 mg/day of zinc ion) shortened colds in a dose reponsive manner.

Eby's ColdCure zinc lozenges use the most powerful formula ever developed for treating colds. It has taken 16 years to perfect. Eby's ColdCure is the only formulation ever demonstrated in the history of common cold research to reduce dramatically the duration and severity of all common cold symptoms in independent, non-company, double-blind, clinical trials published in peer reviewed medical journals. These 5-gram peppermint flavored ColdCure zinc lozenges release 18.75 mg iZn and they are pleasant tasting but highly astringent - evidence of the active ingredient, ionized zinc (iZn).

Ever wonder why throat lozenges rather than nasal application? The mouth nose biologically closed electric circuit is the answer. See the details about this amazing fact of biophysics here.

Confirm these effective common cold treatment findings by reviewing the following medical journal articles:

Effect of Eby's ColdCure Zinc Lozenges See how Eby's ColdCure works!

An effective common cold treatment? A common cold treatment that shortens colds? A cure for common colds? No way! You have been thoroughly indoctrinated by legions of physicians to know there is no such thing! Right? There are too many rhinovirus types; and too many other excuses have been thrown at you by everyone from your mother to government research scientists. It's just unthinkable. Not to belabor the point, see what Eby's ColdCure zinc lozenges with their 100% iZn content do to reduce the average duration of colds by 4 to 7 days, and to reduce the severity of all cold symptoms to the point that very few people have cold symptoms of any consequence after the third day.

Effect of Eby's Cold Cure relative to other zinc lozengesWhat does the 100% iZn of zinc lozenges mean? Strength! Power! Efficacy! Properly made zinc lozenges must release all of their zinc as ionized zinc (iZn) to be an effective common cold treatment. Click on this figure and read the most recent review of zinc lozenges and their effects. Each of the data points in this figure represent the results of a clinical trial. The iZn content of Eby's Cold Cure is represented by the red dot. It is more powerful than any previously tested zinc lozenge! A zinc lozenge releasing 100% iZn will release hydrated zinc ions (Zn2+) at physiologic pH, and will produce major reductions in duration of colds. Zinc lozenges having 18 mg of iZn, like Eby's ColdCure, are strong enough to terminate incipient colds in less than a day or reduce the average duration of existing colds by 6 days, as shown in this figure. Eby's ColdCure zinc lozenges release 18 mg iZn and are pleasant tasting, flavor stable and cause no objectionable aftertaste. Zn2+ ions (iZn) at physiologic pH are powerful - but totally natural:

On the other hand, other zinc lozenges having a zero or low ZIA value do not release zinc ions (iZn) and are not effective common cold treatments. It is the lozenge iZn content -- not the total amount of zinc -- that produces benefit. Look at the problems with store bought zinc lozenges in this analysis of 52 different zinc lozenges. You will find that most of those store bought lozenges release very little or no iZn, and most contain ZG-C (zinc gluconate-citrate) which might slightly worsen and lengthen colds.

Young people experience more colds and worse colds, and often give them to their parents. If you wait until you, or your loved ones, develop a cold, it will be too late to take best advantage of the amazing power of these lozenges although they will still be of significant value.

Allergy Season?

Zinc acetate lozenges are fabulous as an allergy treatment too! Usually only one or two lozenges are needed per day for complete allergy relief. Check out this annual allergy chart for more information about what allergens are in the air on a seasonal basis.

The Flu?

Remember, flu (influenza) is totally different from common colds and allergies and may require special medication from a physician.


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