Zinc Acetate Lozenges Provide Natural Allergy Relief

Zinc Acetate Lozenges Provide Natural Allergy Relief

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have natural allergy relief? Such is now possible using zinc acetate lozenges several times a day. Is that all there is to treating allergy? Yes! How can that be? It is not so difficult. Let me explain.

There are tissue, or mucosal, cells called mast cells, which are proliferate in the lining of the nose, throat, airway and lungs. These cells are well known in the medical literature to be mediators of Type I allergy, the type of allergy most often found in nasal and upper respiratory tract allergy. When these cells are triggered into action they cause inflammation, nasal congestion, nasal drainage, nose and throat pain, tickling, itchiness, coughing and sneezing - all of the symptoms commonly called "allergy". Once triggered into action by allergens, mast cells release histamine, heparin, prostaglandins, SRS-A, and various powerful vasoactive amines from granules on the surface of mast cells causing allergy symptoms.

The typical antihistamine blocks the allergen by binding with it to make it a "non-allergen". Zinc works differently.

In the healthy (non allergic) mast cell, Zn2+ ions are also bound in other surface granules which counter those allergy symptom reactions. In mast cells that don't have sufficient zinc, as is usually found in the allergy patient, the allergy symptom reactions prevail over the inhibitory action of the native mast cell granule zinc ions causing those dreaded allergy symptoms.

Replacing missing native Zn2+ ions with Zn2+ ions from zinc acetate lozenges prevents further histamine release from mast cell granules as well as release of all mast cell granule contents because Zn2+ ions very strongly stabilize mast cell plasma membranes, shutting of the flow of these allergy symptom provoking biochemicals. Consequently, by adding more zinc ions from an exogenous source, such as zinc acetate lozenges, allergy symptoms are terminated, and may remain terminated for up to twelve hours. Over a few weeks time, allergy symptoms often seem to subside perhaps because Zn2+ ions from zinc acetate lozenges are absorbed into the mast cell granules where they function in the way nature intended.

Topical, oral use, of zinc lozenges allows reasonably small doses to have a local allergy fighting effect, not a whole body effect.

Some people swallow zinc dietary supplements in an effort to replace the zinc in the mast cells. However, it appears that these large dietary doses would need to be taken for at least a year for results to be permanent, and such large doses could cause toxic effects such as immunosuppression within a month or two.

A more scientific explanation of how zinc ions terminate allergy symptoms is found in a subchapter of my handbook.

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