Null, Limited and Adverse Effects of non-Eby Designed Zinc Lozenges
Null, Limited and Adverse Effects of non-Eby Designed Zinc Lozenges

Cold-Eeze® by Quigley

Halls® Zinc DefenseTM by Warner Lambert Company

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For more information concerning the effects of electric charge on various common cold zinc treatments see the "Biologically Closed Electric Circuit".

For information related to where the rhinoviruses attack in the throat rather than the nose see the work of common cold experts Jack M. Gwaltney, M.D., and Frederick G. Hayden, MD, University of Virginia Medical School. Their article "How Cold Virus Infection Occurs" shows that rhinovirus attack starts in the throat which causes common cold symptoms. Their article "Anatomy of the Nose" shows that the nose transmits virus to the adenoids where infection starts.

The dry mouth test is a simple way to determine if a zinc lozenge will be effective. Zinc acetate lozenges always make the mouth feel dry (a clean mouth feeling identical to swishing out the mouth with water or tea for 30 to 60 seconds) - proving that the active ingredient, positively charged zinc ions, Zn2+ ions, are available. Dry mouth occurs because Zn2+ ions bind with and neutralize salivary proteins in the mouth. None of the ineffective copy-cat lozenges make the mouth feel dry and such absence shows that Zn2+ ions are not available.

Are you upset that those zinc lozenges you purchased this winter did nothing to help you get over your cold? Are you still sick and getting angry? We are upset too, and dismayed that many corporate store buyers have purchased ineffective copy-cat zinc lozenges rather than effective zinc acetate lozenges that have been proven effective in clinical trials.

Zinc Nasal Preparations Having Variable Efficacy

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