Science Behind the Cure for Common Cold

The following materials are provided for interested laymen and professionals wanting solid, factual information about the powerful, and beneficial effects of Zn2+ ions in treating common colds and other important illnesses. There are many internal and external links with links to movies of rhinoviruses from 3 different perspectives, and much more vital and accurate information than all but the most ardent professional can tolerate. But! The data are provided in easy to chew, byte size bits.

  • NEW! "Zinc Lozenges: Cold Cure or Candy? Solution Chemistry Determinations" published in the February issue of Bioscience Reports. This is the latest peer reviewed article by George Eby.  It shows that the relationship of daily iZn [total daily positively charged zinc ions (in mg) at physiologic pH] from zinc lozenges in clinical trials is directly correlated with both median reduction in duration of common colds in days, and mean reduction of duration of common colds in days.

Legend: ZG = zinc gluconate, ZGG = zinc gluconate-glycinate, ZA = zinc acetate,
ZA-SOP = zinc acetate-sterate-oleate-palmitate, ZG-C = zinc gluconate-citrate.

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